440 Chrysler Marine electronic ignition distributor


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Available in very limited production only.

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  • Fits Chrysler Marine engines 440 only. 65000 volt coil and matching module assures you of more power and economy, but let's not forget reliability which is what GM HEI distributors are best known for. This is a true marine distributor with the screened hole in the base and no vacuum advance for marine approval. The vacuum hole is plugged with our exclusive custom plug so no spark gets out and no gas fumes get in. You can change the advance curve, but we haven't sold a changeover kit in years, as marine engines are usually cruised above 3000 RPMs. The MC advance curve is standard. Troll for hours and leave no black streak in the water behind you, as we're burning the precious energy (gasoline) up completely and converting it to energy. This distributor measures 4" from the mounting flange to the bottom tip, so measure yours to make sure you are ordering correctly. Check our great testimonials, then place your order while available.

    NOTE: Unless you already have the power plug from a previous HEI installation, you may order it under related items (showing up during checkout)

    NOTE: We also have 10.5mm spark plug wires for these engines. (stock is 7mm) This will allow you to open your spark plug gaps to .060 for high performance use! Special price for buying the combo too. Available during checkout.

    NOTE: HEI distributors are about 5" in diameter and stock is about 4". (adds 1/2" all around) Make sure you are able to move linkages or whatever before ordering.