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You'd better believe it! In short, the screened hole in the base keeps vapors from entering the distributor and in turn keeps sparks from getting out into your gaseous engine room. The distributor cap must be of the non-vented type for the same reason. Fire prevention is obvious, especially in a boat!

The marine advance curve is usually different than cars as marine engines are operated at up to 100% of cars doing the same work at 20%, due to water resistance, of course. Marine engines are normally fully advanced around 2500 to 3500 RPMs, even though top RPM will be greater.

The vacuum advance canister is eliminated on modern marine engines as it's just not necessary to have two types of advance for the operating reasons above. Removing it leaves a void in the distributor housing that must be plugged airtight for reasons above.

What about boarding inspections at sea or lake? You forget to put in the drain plug, or many of the reasons below. The USCG or Sheriff can legally confiscate your vessel and passengers if at least five things are not legal for marine use: the distributor, fuel pump, alternator (generator), carburetor and flame arrester (air cleaner).

Check out aaamarine.com selection of marine distributors to keep your boat running safely while also getting top-tier performance!

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We are aware of the fact that installing our HEI electronic distributors in 383 thru 440 Chrysler engines requires grinding of the cast iron cylinder head for distributor clearance. This is due to the fact that HEI distributors are larger in diameter because of the reliability & performance capabilities built into these distributors. The spark plug gap alone is increased from .035 to .055 so they have to be larger. The 65000 volt coil (stock is only 18000 when new) is built right into the cap of this unit, making it a bit taller too.

These are a true marine performance distributor. If you are not willing to take a rotary file and a drill motor to make this distributor fit, better stick with your old 1970s points distributor, but you’ll be doing it with great sacrifice over ours!

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We've Lowered Prices & Shipping Costs for 2021!

We're buying distributor parts in heavier bulk and we've qualified for a shipping deal with UPS, meaning that we've brought total costs down for you. You save an average of $33 over our 2020 selling prices! Now is the time to upgrade your ignition system for dependable power & economy increases. Check us out at AAA MARINE PARTS WHOLESALE. Distributors & wires for Chev, Ford and Chrysler Marine based engines marinized by MerCruiser, OMC, etc.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

We have Chev 4.3 V6 & V8 and 351W Ford HEI (high energy ignition) reverse engine rotation distributors or gears by themselves in stock. Perfect for adding out-of-the-hole power when you need it most. Cruise by AAA MARINE PARTS WHOLESALE-you'll be glad you did!
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Our 2021 marine electronic distributors are all with black caps and plug wire sets to match your engine in most cases, highly polished aluminum cases and with 10.5mm black plug wires to insure maximum voltage ends up at the spark plug gaps of up to .060! 

Chev distributors which includes Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo, PCM and many others will include 4.3 V6 and 5.0, 5.7, 7.4 and 8.2 in both cap styles. The 10.5mm wires will be red for the 4.3 and black for the V8s.

Chrysler distributors will include LM318, 340 and 360 cubic inch engines in very limited quantity to start with. Place your orders now for 2020 delivery.

440 distributors will be available for both rotation engines around the end of the e year.

351W Ford shipping now. Reverse rotation distributors by end of the year. 460 distributors are in stock and shipping now with red caps.

Our performance distributors are available from us only. Don't order copies and expect the same results or dependability.

Exciting lineup for 2021. info@aaamarine.com

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