Ford 302 351W reverse rotation distributor gears .500 shafts 18-26823 28714A


Not always in stock. Fits .500 shaft distributors like most HEI, Pertronix, MSD, etc.

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  • Fits the .500 shafts that MSD, Pertronix, AAA MARINE PARTS WHOLESALE, Mallory and most HEI distributors use, but these exact gears are not available from them or anywhere else. Fits most Correct Craft  and other ski boats with right hand rotating engines plus twin-engine boats usually for the right hand (starboard) engine with these distributors. Comes un-drilled on purpose so that you don't try to use the original hole and end up too high or low on the shaft, and is shipped with an instruction sheet showing the correct placement. Duplicates factory Rockwell "C" scale hardness to be compatible with stock cast iron camshafts. We've sold hundreds of the reverse gears to fit the stock Prestolite .531 shafts and this is the same gear except machined for the .500 shafts. Comes with the hardened roll pin.

    NOTE: If you have the stock Prestolite marine distributor with the .531" shaft, we sometimes have those too, available elsewhere on this site, or call 2532082969

    NOTE: Please check your shaft diameter before ordering. No returns.

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