Mercruiser OMC Chev 5.0 5.7 7.4 HEI Marine Distributor reversed engine rotation


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Reverse engine rotation and *NO TAX

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  • IF PERFORMANCE, FUEL ECONOMY AND RELIABILITY IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, READ ON. Built for marine only. All new for 2021. Included is our highest voltage performance coil and matching module. Fits Chev V8 marine reversed direction based engines such as MerCruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta, Pleasurecraft, most ChrisCraft, Yanmar and others. Your choice of supercap or HEI cap. Re-gap your sparks up to .055 with your plug wires or up to .060 with our 10.5mm wires (listed separately on this site) No boxes, coils or anything else needed. (or wanted) Reversed cut gear installed! Our motto since 1959, "Engines Love Us". with any questions.

    Step up to the proven best. Your engine needs and wants this. Improves your power and economy through greater engine volumetric efficiency more completely burning of your fuel/air mixture. No more black streaks in the water behind your boat when trolling or running slow. Professionally designed with no vacuum advance for marine use. Vacuum advance is locked internally, and centrifugal advance is best suited for marine usage. Fitted with a screened 1/2" hole in the base for venting. Troublesome multi-spark boxes not recommended as they are ineffective at cruising RPMs anyway, and decrease dependability as just another thing to go wrong. The last photo shows the difference in size between a stock 7mm wire and our 10.5mm wire set. Quite a difference in size and performance! (not included in price unless you order them while checking out, as is the power plug-necessary unless you already have one)

    NOTE: This distributor measures about 5" diameter rather than the common about 4", so make sure you have the additional room. (99% do) No returns.

    Complete instructions included of course, and how to hook up your Alpha 1 or Cobra shift interrupter switch if so equipped.

    NOTE: If you are using an automotive distributor rather than marine and you forget your drain plug or whatever, your insurance is worthless, let alone USCG inspections and safety from fire and your boat being confiscated by inspectors.

    *NOTE: unless your state requires it

    NOTE: OUR MARINE DISTRIBUTORS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE! We don't sell cleats or flowers as competitors do, as we are 100% MARINE ENGINE PARTS.