aaamarine 4068 Marine Fresh Water Cooling Kit engines to 360 cu. in.


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  • First of all a photo of the front and sides of the engine installed is needed. There are extreme advantages in using an off-engine mounted exchanger in that more tubes mean better cooling. Half kits means you don't cool the exhaust manifolds-just the engine-like your car. Protecting the engine with a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water means you'll get better performance and longer life than with lake or seawater due to constant temperatures and pressures throughout the engine.

    1. Adaptable to cabin heat

    2. Simplifies winterization

    3. Zinc anodes help control electrolysis

    4. Detailed instructions included

    5. Workmanship & warranty by Seakamp Engineering

    6. High mounted alternators or v-drives usually not a problem

    7. Longer and more dependable engine life!