*Marine Electronic Ignition Distributor kit V8 with 9mm plug wires included.

*Marine Electronic Ignition Distributor kit V8 with 9mm plug wires included.

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*The difference between this kit and our 10.5mm spark plug wire kit is the spark plug wire diameter ONLY, which limits RPMs to 6200 with .055 plug gaps. Fits 305, 327, 350, 396, 427, 454, 502 and more. All new for 2019 and clones the High Energy Ignition (HEI) GM made famous for reliability, power and economy, and fitted with our 65000 volt coil and matching electronic performance module. (stock is about 18000 volts when new) Fits 5.0 5.7 7.4 8.2 SBC BBC 283 302 305 307 327 350 383 396 400 427 454 Chev marine based engines such as Volvo Penta, Pleasurecraft, most ChrisCraft, Yanmar and more. Re-gap your spark plugs to .055 and feel the efficiency gained up to 40 HP. No boxes, coils or anything else needed. (or wanted) Comes complete ready to run. Our motto since 1959, "Engines Love Us" Call 1-877-253-7882 toll-free with any questions.


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Tired of replacing your expensive and usually non-available OEM parts? Step up to the proven best. One wire to power-up.  Your engine needs this. Improves your power and economy through greater engine volumetric efficiency, completely burning your fuel/air mixture. No more black streaks in the water behind your boat when trolling or running slow. Professionally designed with no vacuum advance for marine use and the void in the highly polished aluminum housing is fitted with our own exclusive custom plug to fill the gap; NOBODY OFFERS THIS AS WE PAY MOST ATTENTION TO DETAILS. Vacuum advance is locked internally. Fitted with a screened 1/2" hole in the base for venting and no extra vents in cap per USCG and SAE J1171 rulings for marine use. Troublesome multi-spark boxes not recommended as they are totally ineffective at cruising RPMs anyway, and decrease dependability as just another thing to go wrongFREE S&H and insurance to all 50 states too!

Optional matching red giant spiral core 9mm spark plug wires (stock is usually 7mm) with watertight boots and highly recommended, which allows the full energy potential to deliver the entire spark from our specially designed high performance coil and electronic module in the distributor to your spark plugs. NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE.  Purchasing the combo increases your limited warranty period from 90 days to one year as we now know you will be using the distributor the way it was intended and to maximum advantage. The 2nd photo shows the comparison of stock wire and ours.

NOTE: This distributor measures 5" diameter rather than the common 4", so make sure you have the additional room before ordering.

Complete instructions included of course, and how to hook up your Alpha 1 or Cobra shift interrupter switch if so equipped.

NOTE: If you are using an automotive distributor rather than marine and you forget your drain plug or whatever, your insurance is worthless, let alone USCG inspections and safety from fire and your boat being confiscated by inspectors.

NOTE: If you need a reverse rotation distributor gear for the starboard engine or for some ski boats, we have it for only 69.97! These fit shafts measuring .500 like ChevProMarine, AAA MARINE PARTS WHOLESALE & Pertronix.

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