HEI Chev V6 4.3 65000 volt marine ignition distributor & 10.5mm wires

HEI Chev V6 4.3 65000 volt marine ignition distributor & 10.5mm wires

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AWESOME! Terms available too! And see what your new .060 spark plug gaps will do for you! Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo, Pleasurecraft, and any other 4.3 V6 Chev marine engine.  Up to 40 HP increases! FREE S&H too!



Tired of replacing your expensive and usually non-available OEM parts? Step up to the proven best! Fits Crusader, ChrisCraft, GM, Pleasurecraft, Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo and others using Chevrolet engines as their base. One wire hookup! The latest and most powerful marine distributor available for stock or modified engines. See what your new .060 spark plug gaps will do for you! Your V6 needs this! Improves your power and economy through greater engine volumetric efficiency. Professionally designed with no vacuum advance and fitted with our own exclusive custom plug to fill the gap in the highly polished aluminum housing. Vacuum advance is locked internally. Centrifugal advance can be removed and locked for all-out racing only, for an additional $25. (call toll-free 1-877-253-7882 for this service and allow extra time) Fitted with a screened 1/2" hole in the base for venting and no extra vents in cap per USCG and J1171 rulings for marine use.

Red spiral core giant 10.5mm (stock is usually 7mm) with watertight boots included, which allows the full potential to deliver the entire spark from our specially designed high performance coil to your spark plugs. (See separate listing for V8) FREE S&H too!

NOTE: This distributor measures 5" diameter rather than the common 4", so make sure you have the additional room before ordering.

Complete illustrated instructions included of course, and how to hook up your Alpha 1 or Cobra shift interrupter switch if so equipped.

NOTE: If you are using an automotive HEI rather than marine and you forget your drain plug etc., your insurance is worthless, let alone USCG inspections and safety from fire!

NOTE: If you need the reverse rotation distributor gear for the starboard engine or for some ski boats, we have it for only 69.97! These fit shafts measuring .500 like ChevProMarine.

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Additional Information